21 Of The Most Savage Yearbook Quotes Of 2017

You can’t get expelled if the yearbooks come out at the end of the year! Even with that in the back of your mind, it takes a true thug with zero f*cks to pull off some of these lines.

Especially these days when they would make you pay for everyone if you offend someone.

Times have really changed since I graduated back in 2006. At my school, we had about 5 people do edgy stuff, 20 people try and be funny and I quoted the best rapper at the time 50 cent!

“I would rather live like a man, then die like a coward” Now that I think about it I might have used the wrong then/than.

Today these kids are coming up with brutal, edgy and just plain savage quotes. Shit I would never thing of. The school year is just now coming to an end so hopefully, we continue to see more and more of these. For now here are the best ones we have seen.

18 years and this last name finally pays off:

A lot of people had some great gay jokes. About coming out of the closet and “switching teams”

Like that right there. So smart… And people are worried about our youth.

I think it is so funny that the quote about this one is super serious and this girl is just dropping jokes.

What does “Sapnu paus” stand for? It must be something in a different language?


Ethan with his chain hanging just throwing it all out there:

I wonder if this guy ever went to any house parties in high school?

Alexus taking a few shots at her parents with the help on Kanye.

There were a lot of people who quoted Drake.

Even changed some of the lyrics:

This one was my personal favorite because of the time it probably took to think of it and of course the final message he drops for the entire school. At first, it just looks like a bunch of dots… Probably how he snuck it by the yearbook staff.

If you look a little closer and use this for reference:

You get this!

BOOM! ROASTED! I don’t know how they let this next dudes pass into printing.

This girls Mom tried her best to stop her… Didn’t work.

Just in case anyone gets confused.

Dude looks like a savage and dropped a classic line.

This one took 3 people to pull off and it is LEGENDARY!

This last had the message: “The ladies in the office really did not like my quote!”