Abandoning browser tabs is the best choice I’ve made for my productivity

Browser tabs used to help me stay organized. Now they’re part of the problem.

For me at least, it’s become second nature to open a page in a background tab to save it for later. That sounds fine in theory, but then half an hour later, I’m buried in so many tabs I can’t even see their titles anymore. More often than not, tabs end up cluttering up my digital workspace, making it harder to find information when I actually need it.

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Spawning a mess of tabs had became a bad habit, one that was hampering my productivity. There was a time when I frequently cleared out my tabs to keep my computer running smoothly, but in 2017 – espcially running a powerful desktop rig – that’s no longer necessary. And while I’ve tried a myriad of tab management solutions – niche browsers, extensions, etc – none of them really seemed to solve the core problem.

Then I realized, I don’t even need to open pages in new tabs in the first place. Most of the time I was opening tabs, I should’ve been opening in new windows instead. Yes, like back in the days when people actually used Internet Explorer.