Artist Alex Chinneck’s Creates a Cracked Optical Illusion on a Brick Facade

British sculptor Alex Chinneck has an affinity for creating public installations that will make people do a double take. Chinneck’s latest artwork called Six Pins and a Half Dozen Needles is perhaps his most sly one yet. The sculpture located in London is approximately 20-meters tall and appears as if the building’s red brick facade is split in half. It took Chinneck and a horde assistants approximately 14 months to finish the monumental piece.

“I try to introduce sculptural interventions in unexpected contexts, heightening a sense of discovery when you encounter them,” he told Dezeen. “With this in mind, the archetypal nature of the building’s upper elevation makes it a perfect platform for the surprise.”

Take a look at the sculpture above and head over to Chinneck’s Instagram account to view more projects.