Audiomack Puts SoundCloud on Blast

Audiomack took to Twitter yesterday to give their two cents on what they feel about SoundCloud and their current predicament. Throughout the week, word of SoundCloud facing alleged financial troubles and possible bankrupcy made news headlines, after the streaming platform revealed that it was letting go of 40% of their employees and closing down their New York and Berlin offices. Yesterday, Chance the Rapper — who’s most notable releases have been put out via SoundCloud — spoke to the founder of the streaming platform and promised users that it’s “hear to stay.

Audiomack, however, had some not-so-friendly words for SoundCloud yesterday. In a Twitter rant, Audiomack put SoundCloud on blast, saying that the streaming service were not committed to their artists. Instead, they prioritized the agendas of their shareholders and investors. In addition, they also claimed that SoundCloud gave them the cold shoulder when they tried to make streams more centralized for the artists that used the platform. Check out the tweets below.