‘Bronzeville’ Ep. 4: Jimmy Protects A Student And Discovers A Different Path To Power

In the fourth episode of the groundbreaking “podcast-movie” Bronzeville, Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) feels the weight of his influence when Reverend Thomas asks Randolph to give a local boy gainful employment, reminding him that wealth and power comes with great responsibility.

Meanwhile Jesse Copeland (Omari Hardwick) faces similar responsibility when Ms. Watson asks him to look out for her son, William who is suffering attacks from a group of white fraternity students at. Jesse sends Jimmy Tillman (Larenz Tate) to look after William, and the two discuss the differing ways to fight racist laws and bring greater prosperity to Bronzeville and Chicago’s Black community.

Across town, Lisa Copeland (Tika Sumpter) and her friend Margie discuss the all-white country club that forced Margie to leave Lisa off her wedding guest list. They also talk Margie’s father’s editorials which condemn gambling in Bronzeville, while conveniently leaving out the fact that white neighborhoods are able to play poker and bet on races as they please.

The episode ends with Jimmy showing the white fraternity brothers just how wrong they were to mess with William. Jimmy also admits, that while he first disagreed with Williams commitment to using politics as a tool to help Black communities, he now understands William’s point of view, and acknowledges that their community will need many like William going forward.

Listen to the latest episode of Bronzeville, above, and click here to catch up on the last episode.

1. Blue kisses.

Blue kisses.

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2. Beyonce and Blue Ivy…like mother, like daughter

Beyonce and Blue Ivy...like mother, like daughter

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3. Basically twins.

Basically twins.

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4. Bey and Blue snuggle

Bey and Blue snuggle

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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - November 04, 2014

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Blue Ivy in pigtails

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Blue Just Chillin'

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The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

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Blue Ivy Playtime

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Blue Ivy
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Blue Ivy
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Blue Ivy
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Blue Ivy
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Afro appreciation.

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Priceless moments.

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A Christmas memory.

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Going up!

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When your mom is Beyonce.

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Bey  Jay PDA

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Blue and Bey sending smooches

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A family affair

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