Cam’Ron Says He’s Done It All on New Track "D.I.A."

Its been nearly twenty years since Cam’Ron burst onto the hip-hop scene with his debut album Confessions of Fire. As a member of the Harlem collective Children of the Corn in the early ’90s, it’s safe to say Cam’ron’s has had a long prosperous rap career, and possibly, has done it all. Today, the Harlem rapper unleashed a new track entitled “D.I.A.” which aptly stands for, Done It All.

The boastful track begins with a Ric Flair soundbite and it arrived on Cinematic Music Group’s Soundcloud with coinciding cover art featuring the former wrestler. It’s unclear whether “D.I.A” is a standalone song Cam just decided to release or whether it belongs to one of his two purported albums on the way. On the JB music produced track, Cam delivers a variety of punchlines and playful jabs about being more dapper than Dan, teaching women how to ball like famed Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summit, and being the black Trump.

Listen below: