Community Upset After Black Man Gunned Down When Attempting to Ram Officer with Vehicle

The internet is a place where everyone can speak their mind. I will never be the guy who says A person shouldn’t be allowed to defend themselves against person B. That is the world we live in. Sometimes certain situations will take place and they get BIGGER because of the comments on the internet. Today is one of those days. You cannot find one person who is looking to agree about what happened in Milwaukee.

I know it is impossible to win a “debate” like this and a lot of people are just wasting their energy. I will do my best to paint the entire situation using videos and people from the scene of the crime and let you guys come to your own conclusion.

This is what Fox had to say about the entire situation: Two people were shot in an officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee on June 11, and multiple videos of the incident were filmed by bystanders.

Those witnessing the ordeal on Lincoln Memorial Drive on Milwaukee’s lakefront told WITI Fox 6 News that law enforcement officers fired on a suspect in the evening after a pursuit and hit two people with the gunfire.

The current condition of the two that were shot is unknown, but a tweet from former state Rep. Mandela Barnes, who was at the scene, said that one person was dead as a result of the shooting.

There were hundreds of people on the lakefront Sunday

In one video filmed on Snapchat and posted to Facebook, deputies from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office pursued a green v Audi Q5 when it comes to a stop amid traffic at a stoplight. The suspect’s vehicle drives up onto a median to get around cars when suddenly gunfire is heard.

One deputy approaches the car from the opposite side of traffic before the suspect attempts to flee again. The official appears to fire at least eight shots into the driver’s side of the suspect’s vehicle before it comes to a stop, crashing into a car at the stoplight on Lincoln Memorial.

Here is a Snapchat video of the shooting. People interviewed at the scene said they heard 15 – 20 shots at the car. In this video, you can try and count.

Nai-post ni Frank Nitty II noong Linggo, Hunyo 11, 2017

Like I said earlier, the internet is divided on the situation (like they are on most topics) where some people are standing up for one side with others taking it in the whole opposite direction.

Here are just a few sample comments I pulled from where these videos are posted on Facebook:

One dude has surveillance footage of what appears to be one of the victims with a gun at a gas station:

That sparked a debate about what he was doing at a gas station with a gun and if that is why cops were after him in the first place. Someone said it wasn’t the same car (even tho to me it looks like the same green Audi) to which he responded.

“yeah so the car in the middle was the one with the driver that got shot. Easy to tell by the rims. Thanks for backing up my claim. The picture I posted you can’t even see the rims either so” 

Another person said: I see a car trying to get away so whatever they did someone or all did something wrong… but aiming to kill is not what’s up… only one person is driving

Other people are still not happy with the cops: That’s not proper police training he should of jump his fat donut eating ass back in the car and chased them , happy trigger finger part kkk mofckerfckers

One final comment from a guy who wanted to put an end to this entire “debate” that you know has no chance of ending peacefully:

I love this ignorance! You post a video up with no context talking about being sick of this shit?

Now because there is no context I’m reading through comments to see why he was shot and heard he had an assault rifle and led the police on a high speed chase potentially putting other people’s lives at risk and he ended up getting shot.

Now because you didn’t provide any info maybe this is wrong or Maybe he really did have a gun and lead police on a high speed chase if that is true why are you posting your sick
Of this shit?

Sick of what criminals putting lives at risk then being killed for doing so because they have a gun? You trying to Insite hate and anger because yet another black man died. If it was a wrongful kill ok but if what I read is true this isn’t a wrongful kill and you should be more
Upset about these criminals doing shit like this.

Here is the main video that has people outraged. It already has millions of views all over the internet. You can hear the people saying what happened and see a shocked and angry crowd looking on in disbelief.

Nai-post ni Frank Nitty II noong Linggo, Hunyo 11, 2017