Custom Lifestyle by Hamid Holloman Reveals Its “Highs and Lows” Collection

Custom Lifestyle by Hamid Holloman recently unveiled its latest lookbook collection titled “Highs and Lows.” Drawing inspiration from the positive and negative charges of life, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based brand tinkers with the idea of embracing the creative spark needed to carry forth a bespoke design kind of life. Displaying a strong affinity for up-cycled military fabrics, Holloman exhibits textile artistry as trousers spotlight boro-style sensitivities. Other key pieces include a Nehru collar military shirt, frayed Gilligan bucket hat, patched M-65 jacket, two-tone camo tote, messenger bag and a phone pouch.

When asked to comment on the collection, designer Hamid Holloman had this to say, “We receive ups and downs in life on a daily basis, both can be good. No the matter circumstance, beneficial matters can be your outcome, it just depends on what you choose to do with your Highs and your Lows.”

The collection is available for purchase now through the brands online store.