Douchebag In Wheelchair Freaks Out On People In Handicap Parking For Not Being Disabled Enough

Not a lot of logic here… If you have a handicap sticker and you park in the handicap space you shouldn’t have to explain yourself to someone who considers themselves “more handicap” than you.

Another thing that always interests me when these videos come out is how these people think they are going to look when they upload it vs how the end up looking. Same thing happens when the bikers post rage videos of people cutting them off and then get destroyed in the comments section for being the assholes in the first place.

That is excatly what happend to this guy. The top comment exposing him said:

I know this piece of shit.

He is paralyzed because he was speeding and popping wheelies on his motorcycle and was going too fast to stop after a lady pulled her car in front of him.

I’m not one to wish ill of people, but this guy fucking deserves it.

Other people started piling it on:

Yeah, wheelchair guy was a fucking dick. Whether or not he was right, he was looking to start shit.

That guy is a piece of shit. If someone has a placard, they can park there, you don’t get to decide if their reason is valid enough for you, that’s up to their doctor. I agree, they shouldn’t use a family member’s, but if it’s their own, it’s their own. Just because someone can walk, doesn’t mean they can’t have a placard, it could be something that flairs up, or is getting better/worse, or they have problems getting in and out of the car, but not walking. This wheelchair guy is a prick, I feel bad for people in this situation, because I know life must be tough, but if you’re going to act like that, you get no sympathy from me. I’m kinda glad they ruined your day.

How are you going to say: “I’m more handicapped than you!!”

The guy in the wheelchair wrote this for his description: Confronting people that parked in the handicap. You won’t believe what they said. You will just have to watch. vlog_008 I don’t do it for fame, its impossible getting out of your car in a normal spot next to another car with a wheelchair. This lady came up to my car after I already made a comment about their parking status. She wanted to chase me down and tell me off after I took pic of them parking where they did. So I said the word cunt, big deal, hate me for it.

The crazy freakout stuff happens at about 3 mins (if you are on mobile)

UPDATE: Someone linked the news article about the crash.


(Thursday 03-13-14 at 7:25 PM)

A motorcyclist suffered serious injuries in a collision with a car in Ventura Thursday afternoon. The crash happened around 2:30 PM on Palma Drive south of Valentine Road. Police say that according to witness statements and a preliminary investigation it appears a 33-year-old man was traveling southbound on Palma Drive on a Suzuki motorcycle at speeds great enough to cause a “power wheelie” and lift the front of the motorcycle off the road. Meanwhile, a 64-year-old woman was making a left turn out of a private parking lot onto Palma Drive in a Saab. The motorcyclist attempted to avoid her car but struck the front end causing him to fall off the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was taken to VCMC with major injuries. The driver of the car was not hurt and was allowed to go.