Drake’s Team Denies IG Model Layla Lace’s Pregnancy Allegations

Drake and RihannaDrake and Rihanna

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When it comes to Layla Lace‘s alleged unborn baby, Drake‘s people says he is NOT the father.

Earlier in the week, a popular Instagram model named Layla Lace posted that she and Drake slept together in London, from which they conceived a child. She then alleges that the 6 God ghosted her once she told him the news. Following his radio silence, Layla decided to blast the rapper on social media, but it turned out to be fake news once private DMs between Layla and a friend were leaked, revealing that she only conjured up the pregnancy rumors for publicity and to help rake in bookings.

Drizzy’s team reached out to TMZ alleging that despite the rumors, his team never threatened Layla with a lawsuit or even so much as reached out to her. Drake and his team are confident that Layla’s stunts were all for attention and once she got it, there was no need to continue the smear campaign against him.

To no surprise, Layla’s page had been hacked following the Drake-bashing, which means she now has a new private account (sorry lurkers). But that in no way means the PR tour is over for Layla. She stopped by Shade 45 radio to confirm that she is 100% sure Drake is her baby daddy.

“Let me tell you something and I’m just gonna make this clear because I have been asked that before. I have a child. I’m a mother already. I know who I sleep with unprotected, period. So, it’s a 100% sure. He knows it. So at the end of the day, Imma just leave it at that. ”

#LaylaLace says she is 100% sure that she is pregnant by #Drake.

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Yikes! What a messy situation. One thing is for sure – Drake seems pretty unbothered by this ordeal. But if Miss Layla is telling the truth, we’ll just have to wait nine months to see.

SOURCE: TMZ, The Jasmine Brand | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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