Dude Will Never Get Matched After Posting Disgusting Tinder Profile Pic

Smoooooth move man. It looks like he had a good time at least before he blasted this pic off. I hope that’s all toothpaste…. But I feel like it is something else.

Tinder is a scary world. These people are fast and furious, looking to hook up and bounce. Someone people have gotten just brutally honest in their profiles. Saying things like, “just here to bang.” Others don’t think much before they just toss up that new profile pic.

This guy named James made a slutty tinder (wtf is a slutty Tinder?! isn’t that what all of Tinder is?!)  He just got out of a serious relationship and has 9 inches of pipe ready to roll! His profile and pic together might be one of the most disgusting profiles I have ever seen.

Check it out:

This girl responded back to another weird profile she matched with on Tinder:

And this girls profile is just wrong…

This girl will steal your dad

This girl has daddy issues.

It is not just Tinder that gets weird. Check out some of the stuff that pops up each day on Facebook:

Hey… At least this girl is being honest. She likes what she likes! So back off all you Facebook Haterz!

You can see some pretty weird stuff thanks to Facebook. Just yesterday we saw a lady selling her husband’s mistresses yoga pants!

Going once, going twice, going three times… SOLD!!!

These things are probably going to sell fast because of the price. Nothing like getting a nice used pair of leggings from a girl who just got cheated on.

I will give this lady some credit. Most people would just burn all of this stuff to the ground. Just burn the whole house. She decided to make a little bit of money off her cheating husband. Nothing wrong with that!

I like the part where she says, “comes free with the clap and a hint of shit sex” some serious sales points.

You can see some pretty great things on Facebook. Like this girl catfishing a guy with GTA…

Facebook is the gift that just keeps on giving. You never know what kinda dumb stuff you are going to see on the site.

Sometimes love can be found on Facebook.

This poor dude (or girl) got roasted on Facebook:

JEAN!!! ROASTED! Or really just didn’t know this guy was a chick.

This Dad needs to chill. He has no idea who is seeing this. This isn’t fucking Tinder Dad!

Moms can also do dumb stuff…

And some dudes start the roasting themselves only to get lit up like a Xmas tree.