Florida Man Goes On Facebook Live Drunk Driving Trying To Hit People On A Beach

Only in Florida. People are still coming up with more and more stupid shit to do on Facebook live. “Let’s go break the law and make sure there is a video copy on the internet and a bunch of virtual witnesses!”

According to NY POST:

A drunk livestreamer filmed his wild ride on a Florida beach — as he knocked over beach chairs, swigged whiskey and ranted that cops were hot on his tail.

Ryan Stiles, 27, sped down Clearwater Beach in his black Jeep Cherokee on Thursday afternoon — with a swarm of police cruisers following him — as beachgoers lounged on the sand, his Facebook Live video shows.

“We’re going down tonight, guys!” he yelled, sporadically cheering throughout the reckless ride.

“We’re all gonna goddamn die,” he slurred. “We’re all on the goddamn beach, and we’re gonna die.”

“Crash parade, bro!” Stiles exclaimed as he ran over the umbrellas and chairs.

No one was injured, Clearwater Police told The Tampa Bay Times.

“Look, we got so many goddamn police behind us now bro,” said the drunken driver, who later claimed that he was “going down in history, bro.”

“That’s it, they know I’m f—d,” he said toward the end of the video, before taking a swig of Canadian Mist whiskey and from a Budweiser can. “We gonna’ drink up!

Below I added the live stream footage and the news clip with just the highlights of the stream:




News story: