Frank Ocean’s Full FYF Fest Set Is Now on Video Thanks to a Loyal Fan

It isn’t very often that one gets to experience the talents of Frank Ocean live in concert. As the secretive yet calculated artist keeps his dedicated fans on their toes in anticipation of his each and every move, the man responsible for musical works of art such as Channel Orange, Nostalgia Ultra and the more recently, Blonde took the stage at LA’s FYF Fest for his first performance in the United States since 2014.

Fans who couldn’t attend could only experience the concert from clips uploaded to social media. However, a fan by the name of Brian Kinnes decided to create his own concert adventure by combining a wide selection of these fan clips to create a full video set. The compilation of social media vids spans for about 73 minutes as fans sing along to tracks such as “Nikes,” “Thinkin Bout You,” “Chanel” and much more. Seemingly perfect transitions provide a unique spectator’s view as Frank Ocean pours out his creative heart atop of the Tom Sachs constructed stage which hosted futuristic chairs, artful doodles, and loads of speakers.

Check out the video above for Frank Ocean’s full FYF set which also includes a cameo from Brad Pitt.