Girl Overtips Pizza Man After “Accidentally” Letting Him See Her Vag

Lot of accidents here. Accidentally flashing the pizza guy and then accidentally tipping him a hundred dollars… Something seems and smells fishy here!

We have posted stories from the subReddit TIFU before. People always seem to love them mostly because it was not them fucking up. Also, because a lot of the things that happen seem like they could happen to any of us.

Today’s TIFU was one of the highest engaging one I have ever seen. In just 8 hours it had over 1500 comments!

Comments like: “This was probably the best delivery of his life.”

Well, this literally happened no more than five minutes ago. My boyfriend and I decided to build a bed fort in my living room and order pizza.

He went to the grocery store for dessert and the pizza wasn’t supposed to be delivered for at least another half hour.

I was trying to be funny/sexy by laying in a provocative pose on my bed completely naked, so that when my boyfriend opened the door I would be there (think: Rose in titanic on the sofa, but with both legs spread apart in the air).

Well, the pizza guy was a whole hour earlier than expected and my boyfriend was a few seconds behind him, confirmed by a phone call that said my boyfriend was a block away. The pizza guy knocked, I shouted, “Enter!” Thinking that it was weird my boyfriend was knocking but chocked it up to him being a dork.
The pizza boy opened my door, and stared at me as I laid there in my living room fort with my legs spread apart and every inch of me exposed. I immediately shouted, jumped up and pulled a blanket around me.

I went to sign for the pizza and I couldn’t make eye contact with the driver. I signed my receipt and accidentally wrote in an extra 0, making my tip 100 instead of 10. I was so mortified at this point that I didn’t think to scratch it out, and instead just wrote the total before giving the receipt back and shutting the door. My boyfriend came back to my house absecond after the pizza guy departed and now he’s laughing at me and shouting, “Enter!” At me every chance he can get.

Tl;DR Accidentally told pizza guy to come in, thinking it was my boyfriend being weird. He came in and saw me spread eagle on the couch. Flustered, I tipped him a hundred dollars because I was too embarrassed to cross out the extra zero.

**EDIT: I called the pizza place upon recommendation of several people here, explained the situation (minus the naked part) and they said they would make sure the tip was 10 rather than 100. I felt bad doing this but I am in college and 10 was already a generous tip because, as many people have asked, the pizza was 25$ so ten was more than fair. I tip a lot because I worked in food service for years and I have a little extra cash right now– but not an extra 90$!

Additionally, I truly did not think about the porn cliche here but I will be sure to shout enter the next time me and my boyfriend are doin’ the deed.

Lastly, I’m glad some others were able to laugh with me as I was reeling in embarrassment but also giggling for hours upon this monstrously awkward situation.

The delivery guy probably thought it was some sort of porno. Not sure how disappointed he was when it turned out it wasn’t but I’m sure the $100 made him feel better about the whole situation.

One pizza guy said this isn’t that crazy: I used to work in an area the had a fair amount of camgirls. For awhile a lot of them would order pizza then answer the door naked for a shit ton of tips, and i always left with at least a $20 tip. That was a fun few months lol.
Edit: Scottsdale

Another said: I wouldn’t feel too ashamed OP. I used to deliver pizza in a busy urban area and stuff like this became pretty run of the mill after a couple months. One guy had his girlfriend show me her tits as a tip. Give yourself credit for brightening up his boring day.

Another Pizza guy shared what it was like on the other side of the situation: 3 times I saw naked women/girls. Sometimes I’d get a flash or people answering in their undies but rarely total nude. Of the three times one was some sort of sorority style dare or something. I’d been invited in previously to drink with them. One was just a regular customer that answered nude and didn’t seem to care, wasn’t even acting seductive just casually naked so I didn’t mention it. She always tipped decent so meh?
The one that I’ll always gets me though is when this old overweight lady answered the door in a towel. Looked me up and down and then purposely dropped the towel and said oops while making no attempts to cover up and trying to maintain eye contact. She didn’t even tip me. 🙁 And was outside of our delivery area but it was a slow night so I said I would take it.