Goeie Katoen’s Second Collection Reimagines Traditional Suiting as Art Objects

London-based menswear brand Goeie Katoen has just unveiled its second range titled “Fall From Grace.” The fledgling imprint took to the Wallace Collection at Hertford House in Manchester Square to capture visuals for the 2018 spring/summer collection. Standout items in the assemblage include heavy wool blazers, lightweight sportcoats as well as fireman-esque trousers.

Overall, the capsule collection “reflects on aspects of my upbringing and working class background, and how trials and tribulations in that helped me to find Grace and Peace in design,” the designer told us. Having added that it “is really returning to craftsmanship, the importance of fabric structure and most importantly to make people dream.”

Take a look at the photos above and head over to Goeie Katoen’s official Instagram account to learn more.