GoPro captures the moment an alligator nearly took a man’s head off

How can the “craziest and most eccentric alligator handler in Florida” prove his lunacy? You find a dinosaur and let it eat you. Or at least let the close relative of one take a chomp at your face.

The ‘Gator Crusader‘ decided to find out what it’s like to get eaten by an alligator and recorded the experience with a GoPro. His reasoning? “Everybody always wants to know what an alligator’s bite is like.”

That sounds like a good enough excuse to make this awesome video:

Notice that the alligator doesn’t really hesitate before chomping down, perhaps it doesn’t care for the videographer’s Christopher Lloyd impression at the 40-second mark.

This has to be the best stress test on the internet (bad jokes aside) although the video doesn’t show what happened to the camera, and that’s a bit of a letdown. It isn’t everyday you get to watch an ancient creature try to bite a piece of modern technology off of someone’s head.

Shark Week the ball is in your court.

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