Guy Laces Ex-Girlfriends Drink So She Poops All Over The Club

Who said romance is dead?

Today on Twitter I saw an interesting post that first made me laugh, then a felt a little bad, then I laughed again. After all of that LOL’ing, I realized I had seen this picture before in a story. But here is the story that was going around today.

A popular ‘party dude’ on Instagram (yes, that is a thing) wrote Idk who is more desperate to get laid here… the chick for not running home after shitting herself…. or the dude who is standing there pretending that he doesn’t smell diarrhea. I can’t even get a text back and this girl is like “fuck it what’s done is done, I’m still gonna have fun get my ass licked later!”

The girls back story is even worse! A year ago (back when we had our old site RIP) we posted this and it was all out of revenge!

The Reddit post goes like this: Some relationships end well, but some end very badly as one woman recently found out.

We will not identify the woman or the nightclub but photos show what happened and it was not pretty. When the woman, who was at the club with her new boyfriend, accepted a drink from her ex she did not realize what a mistake this was.

The drink was spiked, and the woman ended up leaving piles of poo all across the floor, her legs, her underwear, and her fashionable dress. The ex was probably in stitches watching the woman desperately trying to hold it and being unsuccessful.

This is a warning to everyone, your ex may have more in mind than a truce, so don’t take that drink.


Why did she accept a drink from her ex while she’s with her boyfriend?…

The girl’s revenge will be very sweet. Whatever she does to that ex, I support her all the way. If it was me and I quickly had to come up with somethings, I would take this dude back to the crib. Do the sex stuff. The next day break into her exes house and change his sheets to the poop ones from the night before. Yeah, I know I have some messed up thoughts BUT that would be some sweet and stinky revenge!

I was not the only person to feel this way. The top comment on Reddit was: Very good. She was in the club with her boyfriend but he was not enough for her.  I don’t know what kind of greed will make her accept free drink from her ex.