Guy Makes The Terrible Mistake Of Challenging The Internet To Roast Him

When are people going to learn? This guy challenged the Internet TODAY! 1 day after I said people have to stop doing this…

He wrote: Bring it on you pussies

With this picture:

Here are the best comments from the brutal people over on Reddit:

Seal Team ‘Snacks’

Tell us about your black friend

You have the biceps of an obese whale and the forearms of a six year old girl. It’s like the opposite of Popeye.

“I can’t afford an American flag tattoo and a skull tattoo.” “Don’t worry fam, I got this.”

“If I wear a tight enough shirt maybe people will mistake my fat for muscle”

The only thing in your favor is that when the tornado blows your mobile home away, you’ll be too fat to go with it. And for fuck’s sake, did your entire 8th grade detention room crew use exactly the same envelope for the sign? I assume it’s because only one of you actually learned ‘ritin’ at school.

You play scratch offs in the bathroom and rub off two losers at once

You’re the high school senior who still quotes Larry the Cable Guy, aren’t you?

“dOnT TReaD oN Me” said the inbred. Maybe you should tread on a mill once in a while you autistic hick

Another Kid tried his luck

“I doubt anyone will”

Oh look it’s the kid who keeps trying to bum cigs off people at the 7/11.

You look like you belong in either a white power march or an angry lesbian parade.

You definitely say the N-word around your friends to be cool, but when a black man is near, nothing.

Much like your parents dreams, your eyebrow just quit.

of course they won’t… we dont want another school shooting!

I’d give it 3 years before you’re on craigslist doing PCP off rock hard bloody boners

Nice eyebrow, i remember the first time i heard vanilla ice too.

Funny, your caption is exactly what your parents said at the thought of you ever having sex.