Guys Loses Over 150 Pounds After Finding Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating

I always say these hoes ain’t loyal and it took a hoe to turn this dudes weight around. He shrunk after the news of his girlfriend cheating on him. Now he is way better off.

According to LadBible: A man has lost an impressive 160 pounds in just 18 months after being spurred on when he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Twenty-six-year old Mike Vaughan weighed almost 448 pounds after living on a diet of crisps, sandwiches and realized he couldn’t carry on as he had been, Mike got strict with himself and began dieting and working out.

He said that while he had always been the ‘big one’ at school, his weight really crept up when he went to university and lived off toast, takeaways, bacon cheeseburgers and three or four nights of drinking a week.

He said: “I was in a depression because of my weight but didn’t know how to change. Then suddenly something inside me just clicked.

“I knew that if I kept going the way I was going, I wasn’t going to be around much longer.”

So, he joined a six-week boot camp and managed to quickly lose a stone, from here he joined a gym, got a personal trainer and learned about healthy eating.

“It was such a huge change,” he said. “I really struggled for the first six months but then it just became a habit.”

However, when Mike had managed to a little weight he was hit with the devastating news that his girlfriend was cheating on him. But rather than let this set him back, he used it to spur him on and went on to lose almost 140 pounds more.

He told the paper: “I was in a bad place. I started to sink back into it, eating junk food, not going to the gym.

“My life could have gone in one of two ways. Go back into a depression and comfort eat and go back to square one, or use it as motivation to really improve my life.

“I put everything into my diet and training, and I can honestly say now I’ve never been happier.”

Mike added: “Her cheating was a blessing in disguise.”