Hidden Characters Pays Respects to the HYPEBEAST Forums With Its Latest T-Shirt Release

For those who haven’t been keeping up with our forum page, we recently announced that the HYPEBEAST Forums will be officially frozen come August 31. And to pay its respects forum imprint Hidden Characters recently unveiled a RIP HB FORUMS T-shirt range. Upon hearing about the closure of the HYPEBEAST Forums, Hidden Characters decided to pay homage to some of the bigger names that came out of our platform, immortalizing them on a canvas that connected them over the years. Comprised of three colorways, the back of the shirts found in the range feature the names of notable forum members that played a part in making the HYPEBEAST Forums a place where like minded individuals could meet and discuss the culture over the last ten years. Retailing between $34 USD and $55 USD, HYPEBEAST Forums RIP T-Shirts are available now for pre-order via Hidden Characters’ silk road.

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