Jimmy Kimmel skewers Trump’s Fake News Awards with a little help from his dad

Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact, it was a shitshow.

Jimmy Kimmel relished in the non-event that was Trump’s made up award show, meant to criticize news outlets that aren’t Fox Friends, on his show Wednesday night.

One of Trump’s main regular targets is CNN, so Kimmel had anchor “Wolf Blitzer” (or rather, Kimmel’s own dad playing Blitzer) accepting the “Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Award.” It was a trophy of a child’s fist, giving a middle finger.

“First I want to thank our fake news writers, who tirelessly made up brilliant bullshit all year long. I want to thank our special effects team who made it look like the president threw paper towels at Puerto Ricans,” said “Blitzer.”

Stick around for an appearance by Kimmel’s mother as Rachel Maddow.

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