Juun. J’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection Celebrates the House’s 10-Year Existence

South Korean designer Juun.J has presented his 2018 spring/summer collection at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The seasonal assortment of oversized garbs was modeled by both men and women on the runway. In the past, Juun.J has acknowledged that women wear his clothes, so it’s interesting to see some women’s pieces sprinkled in and both sexes dressed in the designer’s “menswear” designs.

To commemorate the brand’s 10-year anniversary, Juun. J introduced his first women’s collection earlier this year. While the pristine 2017 fall/winter womenswear label celebrates some of the designer’s highly regarded items, the 2018 spring/summer men’s line does the same. There are items catered towards business, bombers, unisex trench coats, rain jackets, and other loose fitting silhouettes.
Check out Juun.J’s 2018 spring/summer men’s collection above and stay tuned to find out when the items will be available for purchase.