MADNESS x WORKSUCKS Unveil Toy Collection for ‘Love Off the Cuff’

Based on the Hong Kong romantic comedy, Love Off the Cuff, MADNESS and WORKSUCKS have come together to commemorate the furry monster from the movie. Starring Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue as Cherie and Jimmy, the film is a continuation of the sleeper 2010 hit Love in a Puff. Director Pang Ho-Cheung and his creative studio WORKSUCKS have teamed up with the streetwear label, taking a playful approach to commemorate the film’s release, set to open in theaters on April 27. The fictitious monster, which appears as Cherie’s childhood fear, is materialized in the form of a 12-inch action figure, complete with gold chains, sunglasses and a hat, with eyes that glow red. In addition to the toy, other collectibles including a navy cap with co-branded embroidery and a keychain can also be seen in the collection above. The items are slated to be released at MADNESS online starting April 29 at 10am.