Michl’s “Everything’ll Change” Is The Fed-Up Anthem Your Protest Playlist Needs

The world doesn’t know much about Riverside, California native Michl aside from what he bares on his 2016 self-titled EP. He’s enigmatic and impenetrable, leaving everything but his music to the imagination, but the turbulent state of social affairs is enough to bring him out of hiding on “Everything’ll Change.”

“Right now it’s important to express our feelings on the current social climate,” Michl told The FADER over email. “For me, anger and frustration are involved on a daily basis. But at the core, all these emotions stem from being hopeful that things will soon change.”

Spacey production and gentle vocals juxtapose the charged-up lyrics: “We’re banging the door/ And we’re pleading for more/ Cause we hope everything’ll change.”

Listen below.