Please Share to Bring These Kids to Justice After Sucker Punching Special Needs Student

I have said this time and time again. If people keep doing dumb shit on camera, sooner or later it will catch up to them. We have seen crimes on Facebook live, smoking weed in front of cops and beating up random bums. I said one day, someone with power will recognize one of these morons and take them down. Hopefully today we get that. These kids are the definition of SCUMBAGS. There is no defending them. This isn’t cool or funny. Just pure douche bags in the purest form.

I need to make something clear before I share this guys video. I know that most of you have a normal IQ level and understand when this guy says “Please help share this video of my friend getting beat up” THAT HE DID NOT MAKE THE VIDEO!

There have already been a ton of comments on the post and I did my best to go through and see if anyone had already ID’d the punk ass kids. While I was looking 100’s of comments from people saying shit like: Why didn’t YOU stop them instead of keep making the video ????? The punks uploaded the video this guy is just sharing.

The guy who originally shared the video wrote: Pls help me share this
This guy is a friend of mine who happens to be mentally challenged

After 20 hours the video has already been viewed 3.3 million times. It has 25,000+ “reactions” which use to be called likes until FB realized people didn’t want to like something like this. 26,000 comments and a crazy 94,000+ shares. All with the common goal of bringing justice to these scumbags.

This kid punched:

This kid watched:

This one laughed:

Fuck these kids.

After sifting through the mixtape and movie links in the comment section it was a nice to see so many people joining together to bring down one common enemy. That is rare these days on the internet.

I highlighted some of the best comments. Keep in mind these were all posted within the same 2 min period: Fucking little pieces of shits. Hitting some1 that can’t fight back.. hit some1 that can defend himself.. see if your gonna b laughing., after you little bitches get your ass beat.

You need to find them kids and beat the shit out of them, somebody noses who they are

Punk ass kids need their ass beat, sure hope they find the POS that did this. Man this makes me so mad.

Assholes picking on the innocent that’s awful and also wee he thumped him my god that is so dangerous I hope he’s ok. 

What about the damn camera man?? Beat his ass too! Little Ass holes need their ass beat!

That is why the children are like this now because they don’t get a slap

Check out the video below. If you know anyone who might know them share this video.

Pls help me share this This guy is a friend of mine who happens to be mentally challenged Smfh 😡😡😡😡😡😡

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