Rapper “The Game” Put On Blast After Sending Inappropriate Messages To 16-Year-Old Model

Sometimes when you are mass sliding into the DMs, you might miss the big red flag on a “models” profile. The one that says 16… Not class of 16. 16 years old!

Her bio is: “Kenza Boutrif –[email protected]Snapchat: Kenzaxoi | 16 Free Uber Ride: KENZAXOI | ubereats: 6KENZAEATS Promo/Collab: [email protected]  ”

16 = no slide zone. But shit happens and Game just sent a super basic message with an emoji. Next thing you know the internet is losing it calling him a creep.

If I was Game I would quickly pull out one of the 2 default fuck up excuses. 1. I was hacked. 2. someone was using my phone….

So far he hasn’t made a comment on the situation but I am expecting one of those two responses.

Luckily for everyone, the game didn’t drop one of his “famous” mirror selfies in this DM.

Again, this could have all just been an accident. Twitter was still blowing up. Enough that this girl who has over 180,000 followers on IG private her account. Most likely because Game fans where in her comment section. You know they aren’t sending nice messages.

According to KSFM 102.5:

The Game just got caught doing something a little sketchy…

The 37-year-old rapper was recently caught sliding into the DMs of 16-year-old Instagram star Kendra Boutif.

Boutif excitedly posted about it after it happened, saying:

“So The Game dm’d me 😂…….. When he ask me my number , I say I’m the one”
Her age is clearly shown in her Instagram description, so it’s pretty unlikely The Game didn’t see it.

Their main source was CAPITALIZING RANDOM words…… With a lot of periods in the title specialist MediaTakeOut:

Here is what she posted:

She seemed pretty happy about it but again, people quickly researched the girl’s age.

Classic DM drama.