Rick Ross Sued For Skipping His Own Show

Rick Ross Birthday Celebration

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Rick Ross takes his “boss” title so literal that sometimes he doesn’t even show up for work.

According to TMZ, the rapper is being sued by Washington County Family Entertainment for being a no-show for an outdoor concert at Wild Things Park in Washington, Pennsylvania, after already getting paid. The suit claims that Rozay canceled just two days before the show, although his contract explicitly said he “cannot cancel once the contract is executed and tickets are on sale.” The entertainment company says Ross’s camp explained that they had to cancel his entire weekend lineup due to family and health issues. However, Rick Ross got $150k up front, but he’s refunded only $40K.

Ross’s team wanted to reschedule the performance for August 12, but it’s too late with the lawsuit pending. WCFE is suing Rick Ross for the remaining $87,500 balance, plus expenses. At least now the rapper knows that real bosses show up when they’re suppose to.

Rozay has yet to comment on the suit.

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2. Reppin’ Miami Heat No Shirt.


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5. Lights, Camera, No Shirt Action.


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