So Sad: Mississippi Teen Dies After Shielding His Cousin From Gunfire

Jordan Blackwell is the real definition of a superhero.

The Mississippi teenager died while risking his life by shielding his 15-year-old cousin, Caleb, from the bullets when suspect Willie Cory Godbolt came into their Brookhaven home and fired shots. According to the Associated Press, it started when Godbolt burst into the living room where the kids were playing video games and demanded to know where his cousin’s parents were.

Jordan reportedly said they were gone out of town. After that, Godbolt allegedly “just started shooting.” Reports say that as people scrambled to hide inside the Mississippi home, Blackwell used his own body to shield his cousin Caleb from the gunfire. Caleb got emotional on Tuesday as he told reporters, “He loved me enough to take some bullets for me.” Jordan’s mother, Tiffany Blackwell told reporters, “When I walked in the house and saw my child lying there, I just thought he was sleeping. I told him to wake up. I told him to get up, but he wouldn’t move.”

Caleb’s 11-year-old brother, Austin Edwards, was also one of the victims who was shot to death in the living room that day. A deputy sheriff was also among those killed, as well as other relatives of the accused shooter.

Godbolt will reportedly be charged with one count of capital murder and seven counts of first degree murder. He was hospitalized for a gunshot wound after the shooting spree, but was reportedly in good condition by Monday. However, law enforcement weren’t clear about who shot him.

An investigation into the shooting is still ongoing and Godbolt is scheduled to make an initial court appearance on Tuesday.

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