Son Causes Parents Divorce Which Ultimately Leads To Their Death After Not Picking Up Used Condom

Talk about a domino effect. This is one of this chain reaction that you don’t think about when you are 15-16 years old that could spiral the rest of your life. Or, in this case, your families life.

This guy posted his fuck up on the TIFU (Today i fucked up) sub reddit. It is pretty crazy.

My parents and I used to be a very happy family. Both of them came from a quite wealthy background and had no siblings, while that meant no uncles and aunties, it meant a lot of pocket money for me and as I had no siblings either, anything I wanted – I had it. Contrary to popular belief, it did not meant I could act like a little shit. That’s very much a stereotype to make wealthier families look worse. If I behaved like a spoiled brat I got punished verbally or by taking away some of my privileges like watching TV, playing videogames and so on. I was never forbidden from reading books, doing sports or meeting friends. Intellect, athleticism and social skills are essential and their evolvement must be supported at all times – that is what my father told me. I had a great childhood. Our house was at the edge of a large city, we had a pool, tennis and basketball courts, several cars and even a private driver who mostly just drove me to my friends or to school as my parents worked from early hours.

Where I live however, unlike in the US, it is not very common even for wealthier families to enroll kids in private schools. Usually they are of worse quality than public schools and only harm the child. So I went to school that had always been positively reviewed by parents and the word of mouth was always excellent. Even through my parent’s warnings and protests when I enrolled I was secretly given a special treatment. No teacher would ever oppose me, when I was younger I did not think much of it but as I got older it became obvious. Even the few very strict teachers would, with obvious displeasure, walk away from scolding me. I asked my history teacher who I’ve met few weeks ago about this and they were given a list of students who they should treat a bit better and then a verbal warning to never oppose me in absolutely anything unless a police or parents would have to be called, which they were instructed to avoid as much as possible if need be. The interesting thing was my parents never gave a dime to the school nor intended to sponsor them in any way, ’till this day I don’t know why the administration decided to treat me like that. Safe to say there were not too many instances in which teachers had to hold back. I was quite a normal kid in most regards.
My fuck up comes around my sixteenth year of age. My hormones were on the rise, puberty hit me like everyone else. Thanks to my parents I did my best not to be like many others who just became total shitheads. But there was this girl in my class, also sixteen years old. For the sake of anonymity I’ll refer to her as Pauline and she was just right up my alley. She was very small compared to me, I was in the schools basketball team – muscular and tall, I loved more tomboy-ish girls so her short hair were also just for me. Nothing could stop me so I showed interest. We began hanging out. One day we decided to spend a night together and watch movies. Pauline was from a completely different social class. Her father was a drunk who lived half the country away, while he did pay alimony it was far too little to keep her and her mother living of well. This of course raised a lot of eyebrows in the school and she got often referred to as a gold digger. So my house was obviously the better choice. But I had hardly even mentioned her to my parents, how to do it was on my mind. I confronted both of them at dinner and they very happily agreed and allowed her to not just spend the night but the whole weekend if her mother allows it, who very happily did.
After school we drove to Pauline’s house, I helped her pack and then we were on our way to my house.

On the way my mom called that she is needed urgently in work – she was a neurosurgeon, so she’d had to spend Saturday there and I’ll be left alone just with dad. I found it to be no big deal. We arrived and got greeted by my dad, he was very happy to meet my extremely shy friend. The rest of the day went insanely well, we had a ton of fun, we swam in the indoor pool, then spend few hours talking in our hot tub. Thinking about it, it was so painfully obvious we had a huge crush on each other. Night came early and we decided to just watch movies on the TV inside the guest “house” instead of using our home theatre system in the living room. We secretly cuddled up in bed and began watching. It didn’t last long and we started touching each other (sex is allowed at 16 where I live – nothing illegal happening here). Laptop got closed and put away quickly as well and I pulled out a box of condoms I got from my mother few months back after a safe-sex lesson (because no sex-ed here). It was obviously quick. We both came and just lied there looking at each other, thinking how awesome it was. I took of the condom and threw it on the ground by the bed.

We got up the next morning lying there naked next to each other. Panic took control and we began quickly dressing back up. In all the commotion the used condom and Pauline’s panties got kicked under the bed. We ran to my room where we were supposed to sleep (dad got one bed carried there so she has where to sleep). Pauline reminded me countless times to get her underwear and clean the condom, but I was too lazy to do it and also scared that someone would find out.

The rest of the weekend went well. Pauline really liked my dad and after spending the whole Saturday playing board games they got quite close (mostly because she did not have a father). Then my mom joined and everything seemed to be even more awesome than before.But a week later something happened, they stopped seeing each other and this has lead very quickly all three of us down a rabbit hole of sadness and depression. Pauline was very supportive when all the shit was hitting the fan. Then only about seven months later my mom approached me and said they are splitting up, because dad supposedly had cheated on her. She did not go into much detail but she specifically mentioned the guest house and a piece of underwear. I knew what it was. I knew what the fucking truth was. But I kept silent. I just nodded and let it all happen. My dad was devastated and while it did not seem like it, so was my mom. The legal process took two years, I was eighteen by that point – legally adult. They gave me their house and majority of their wealth, while still keeping a lot of money and assets. So there I was. Newly adult, caused the divorce of my parents with a shit load of money.

It took me a year to do it but I called my parents to meet with them and to tell them the truth. I told them exactly what happened and even underlaid it with some jokes, however I got no laughs. They looked at me with disgust. Both of them. Nothing I said stopped them from giving me all the blame. It was no lie that I thought a cleaning lady took it and throw it away. But they were right, I should have said something when my mom spoke to me about it.

I did everything in my power to help them, I offered any sum of money, I offered to return the house. They refused, they spat at the money and my attempts to make things right. They told me to never contact them again.

I can’t describe how happy I was when around my twentieth birthday I heard they are together again and even adopted a young girl. Shortly after I found out they contacted me and offered to sort things out.

Unfortunately six months ago they got hit by a drunken driver while traveling to a spa resort for a weekend.
They both died. I don’t feel I could ever repent for what I did. I told everything to Pauline, the reason for their divorce. I got scolded for not telling her sooner, but we are still together and she is an amazing fiancé. We delayed our wedding because of what happened. I can’t stop the feeling I indirectly caused my parent’s death. I know how miserable they were, they hated me. When they died they hated me with all their hearts. How can I ever forgive myself? They gave me everything and I ruined them. Now I am presented with a choice to adopt my, well, sister. She is obviously devastated but surprisingly enough she talks well about me. They told her the good parts I guess. According to the social worker she can be mine quickly, I have enough assets/money to take care of her like very few people also we are legally related. I don’t know. I am just glad that Pauline still loves me, she is the sole light in this shitty thing I call life.

TL,DR: While being a horny teenager I took my now fiancé’s virginity in our guest house. In a hurry a used condom and her panties were left there (and not cleaned because of my laziness) only to be found by my mom who as a result divorced my dad. When I told them the truth they hated me. Year later they re-married in secret, adopted a young girl and died in a car accident.