Sports Writer Gets Dragged By The Internet For Calling Rihanna Fat

59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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The Internet has been going wild over recent photos of Rihanna spotted out in New York City looking more like a snack than usual.

One writer took things too far and published a piece about the bad gal’s subtle weight gain, in a post titled, “Is Rihanna Going To Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend” for Barstool Sports. 

In the article, writer Chris Spags wrote about Rih Rih’s “high key thickness,” saying, “So is it possible these photos of Rihanna from this weekend in NYC are a classic ‘bad visual’ situation where she’s the same as she’s always looked but happens to appear like she’s going for Ashley Graham’s spot on the plus-sized hierarchy? Absolutely. Or maybe she’s been on the road, enjoying that good room service a bit too long. We all know that feeling after indulging a little too much for vacation.”

He added, “But it looks to me like Rihanna is rocking some new high key thickness. And based on what I’ve seen, that means it’s time to worry if you’re not a guy who fancies himself a chubby chaser. A world of ladies shaped like the Hindenburg loaded into one-piece bathing suits may be on the horizon now that Rihanna is traipsing around out there looking like she’s in a sumo suit. Here’s hoping she’s just pregnant, happens to the best of us.”

Of course, the Rihanna Navy was not happy about the shady post. After finding Spags on social media, they chewed him up and spit him out:

In turn, Chris took to Twitter and claimed that he’s being cyber bullied by Rihanna fans:

The site’s founder, Dave Portnoy, issued a statement saying that he was making the executive decision to delete the blog post from Barstool. Portnoy noted that while he didn’t think the “blog was as bad as many are making it out to be,” it wasn’t funny enough for him to want to die on the hill defending it. He says “lots of feminists not happy about it.”

Chris Spags has not issued an apology over the offensive post — but do you think Dave Portnoy’s half apology was good enough?


1. Rihanna at Carnival

Source:Splash News

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The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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Rihanna in NYC
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Rihanna 2013 Grammys
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Rihanna's Body Killing It at Carnival

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Nude by Rihanna
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Rihanna Steps Out in London
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Rihanna with Red Hair
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Rihanna at Stella McCartney
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Rihannas Pajama Party
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Rihanna Does FENDI
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Rihanna au Naturel

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Rihanna x Puma

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Rihanna Love Pineapples?

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27. Rihanna at Carnival

Rihanna at Carnival

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RIRI by Rihanna
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29. Rihanna in Blue Lipstick

Rihanna in Blue Lipstick
Source:Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION

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30. Rihanna Goes Curly

Rihanna Goes Curly
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31. Rihanna Does Paris Fashion Week

Rihanna Does Paris Fashion Week
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Rihanna on the Cover of Vogue

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Rihanna On The Scene
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Rihanna Goes Casual
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Jay-Z and Rihanna
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Rihanna x Diamonds
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37. Rihanna the Beauty Queen

Rihanna the Beauty Queen

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Fenty PUMA
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Ursula Stephen and Rihanna
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40. Rihanna in Purple at the 2016 BRIT Awards

Rihanna in Purple at the 2016 BRIT Awards
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41. Rihanna at the 2016 BRIT Awards

Rihanna at the 2016 BRIT Awards
Source:Samir Hussein/WireImage

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42. Rihanna Sings at the 2016 MusiCares Person of the Year

Rihanna Sings at the 2016 MusiCares Person of the Year
Source:Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

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43. Rihanna Plays Peek-A-Boo

Rihanna Plays Peek-A-Boo
Source:Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Berk Communications

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44. Rihanna Pretty In Pink

Rihanna Pretty In Pink
Source:Raymond Hall/GC Images

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45. Rihanna in Yellow

Rihanna in Yellow

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46. Rihanna in Pinstripes

Rihanna in Pinstripes
Source:Kevin Winter/Getty Images for CBS Radio Inc.

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47. Rihanna in a Sweatshirt

Rihanna in a Sweatshirt
Source:Michael Stewart/WireImage

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48. Rihanna in Paris

Rihanna in Paris
Source:Marc Piasecki/GC Images

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49. Kanye and Rihanna

Kanye and Rihanna
Source:Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Vogue

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50. Rihanna ANTI

Rihanna ANTI
Source:Christopher Polk/Getty Images for WESTBURY ROAD ENTERTAINMENT LLC

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51. Rihanna Parties for Vogue

Rihanna Parties for Vogue
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52. Rihanna at Dior Fashion Show

Rihanna at Dior Fashion Show
Source:David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

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53. Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Source:Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

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54. PEACE!

Source:Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

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55. Rihanna in Green

Rihanna in Green
Source:Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty Images

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