Stockholm Rapper Ecco2k Drops New Drain Gang Anthem, "Black Boy"

After touring and selling out venues around the world with Yung Lean and Sad Boys, Stockholm’s Drain Gang, made up of avant-garde artists Bladee, Ecco2k, Thaiboy Digital Whitearmor, are set to release their new album DG on August 7. Today, one of the group’s coveted members, Ecco2k, drops an autobiographical song about coming to terms with his identity as young man raised with a Swedish mother and Nigerian father. Check it out below along with the album tracklist for DG.

1. Bladee – No Life Left
2. Ecco2k – Black Boy (co prod. by Ripsquad)
3. Bladee, Ecco2k – First Crush (feat. Yung Lean)
4. Bladee – Numb/Beverly Hills
5. Bladee, Ecco2k – Cinderella
6. Thaiboy Digital – Wrong
7. Thaiboy Digital – Can’t Trust (feat. Yung Lean) (co prod. by Woesum)
8. Bladee – Wickr Man
9. Ecco2k – GT-R
10. Bladee – Suffocation
11. Thaiboy Digital – Dumpster Baby
12. Bladee – Nosebleed
13. Bladee – Scarecrows (co prod. by Yung Sherman)
14. Bladee – Botox Lips
15. Bladee, Ecco2k – Stalker
16. Ecco2k – Happily Ever After
17. Thaiboy Digital – Climbing (co prod. by GUD)