Tesla Is Building Two to Three More Gigafactories in the U.S.

With production on the Model 3 already underway, Tesla has taken initiative in meeting the demand for its highly coveted electric cars by sharing its plans to build more gigafactories in the United States. Coming from founder and CEO Elon Musk himself while speaking at the National Governors Association, the company plans on creating two or three more of the massive plants. Musk also told shareholders last month that the company is currently working on three new gigafactory locations in the United States alone.

With Tesla’s current gigafactory in Nevada currently employing around 10,000 people, Musk gave no timetable or location on where the new factories will be built other than saying that we can expect to see them “within the next few years.” With Musk promising the production of more than 20,000 units of the Model 3 per month by December, Tesla will surely need all of the processing power it can get. In other Tesla news, rumor has it that the company is in talks to develop its own music streaming service for cars.