The Latest ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer is a Short Sequel to ‘Prometheus’

Following the release of last week’s documentary-styled trailer for Alien: Covenant, another new, in-depth vignette for the 20th Century Fox film has surfaced. This time around, the trailer focuses on explaining the film’s background; known as “The Crossing,” today’s teaser is billed as a “prologue” that serves as a sort of Prometheus mini-sequel. The new Alien: Covenant visual stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, who reprise their roles as David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. “Set aboard an abandoned Engineer vessel, Dr. Shaw repairs David as they continue their search for humanity’s creators,” reads the short’s official description.

You can check out the new “Prologue: The Crossing” trailer for Alien: Covenant above, while the film itself will land in theaters on May 19. A similar Prometheus-themed vignette was released in support of Alien: Covenant earlier this year.