The Men Of Moonlight Are The Faces Of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 Campaign

After Barry Jenkins‘s Moonlight earned three awards, including one for Best Picture, at the 2017 Oscars on Sunday night, four of the film’s actors are featured as the faces of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 campaign.

The beautiful black-and-white photos are accompanied by interviews with Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Devante Rhodes, as each cast member reflected their experiences making the film: Ali joked that he had been “working 16 years to be an overnight sensation,” the 12-year-old Hibbert marveled at the recognition gained from his acting heroes, Sanders discussed the similarities between his own childhood and Chiron’s, and Rhodes pondered his quick ascension to sought after leading man.

See Calvin Klein’s Spring 2017 campaign — starring Ali, Hibbert, Sanders, and Rhodes — here.