UNDEFEATED Is Set to Re-Release Its Socks and Slides Range

UNDEFEATED just announced that it is set to re-release its socks and slides range just in time for summer. The slides included in the return of the range feature soles and straps constructed of premium materials resulting in an updated and improved product. Also, “UNDEFEATED” and the label’s Five-Strike logo is emblazoned on the strap of the slides which come in “Royal Blue,” “Off-White,” “Sport Red,” black, speckled and an enhanced “Tiger Camo” pattern.

The socks included in the range feature the same branding found on the slides and are offered in three distinct categories — premium, technical and classic crew. UNDEFEATED’s socks and slides range is set to release in two drops with the first drop arriving Jul7 1 online and at UNDEFEATED chapter stores.

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