Watch: Tyler, The Creator Gets Asked A Really Dumb Question At Comic Con

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Tyler, the Creator has never really been one to hold his tongue, so we’re not surprised that he went off at a recent appearance after being asked a super idiotic question.

The rapper was sitting on a panel at Comic Con in San Diego last weekend, promoting his new show, The Jellies, when an audience member asked Tyler why the lead character is Black. Of course, Tyler’s response was everything.

“Hold the f*ck up,” Tyler said without hesitation. “Why can’t n*ggas have anything, man?… How many f*cking Black cartoon characters is it on TV right now? Name five, I’ll give you time. It is none. We don’t have sh*t.” He continued, “So I said ‘F*ck that! We about to make this n*gga Black and he ain’t got no guns, he ain’t shooting no f*cking basketball, and he a f*cking goober and we gonna put him onTV.”

Question answered, amirite? Watch Tyler break it down in the clip above and tweet us your thoughts.

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