When Someone Accidentally Turns The Light On In The Club

This is what happens when the lights come on in the club! I am not hating on the dude. He was swapping some serious spit!

People on Facebook are calling him out and laughing but I will defend this dude till the death of me! Who cares what the internet thinks, I think the chick looks smoking!

After 7 or 8 drinks you can’t really judge the dude!

Most single guys are going to the club for one reason. To hook up with some chicks. Nothing wrong with that, I am sure there are as many equally desperate girls going out looking for love as well!

This guy found someone he hit it off with and started making out. When the lights came on he found out she wasn’t really standing on a table!

The lights coming on in the club have been wrecking people’s nights for years.

One of my buddies walked over with the girl he had been hooking up with all night and she was way out of his league. She probably had no idea until the lights came on.

And when they did come on she was running the other direction to get the hell out of there!

In the end. A kiss is a kiss and more power to the people actually hooking up in the club!

The comments on Facebook were surprisingly supportive: People making fun of him, but he’s the only one getting any! Plus she looks cute! Why hate?! Get it get it!

look at his face when he realises everyone is watching him lol. NO FUCKS! 

The PDA was a little too much for some users: Some serious “tongue biting” going on at my end. Not really into public displays of affection. A quick peck is OK, but not tonsil hockey!

This could be a match made in heaven for all we know!

Making out is making out! Points to the dude!

Check out the full video below!

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