Women Reveal What They Would Do If They Had a Penis for One Day

Once again we have found some great content on AskReddit. One user wanted to know what ladies would do if they had a penis for a day. Pretty interesting question that led into some not so serious answers and some serious answers. If I was a girl and had a penis for a day I would do everything that a girl could never relate to that involves a penis. Like letting someone kick me in the nuts, wearing a condom and peeing standing up. All things that girls will never be able to experience with their vagina.

Reddit user tinysmommy said: I’d wake up, reach down and give my balls a good scratch, just to see how good it feels. Then, I’d walk outside naked, and do a good morning stretch while simultaneously peeing on something, whether it be grass, rocks, concrete, whatever. Then I would shower really well and then check out my penis, balls, taint and b-hole with a mirror. For science. Then I would masturbate. Later I would find a woman to have sex with, as I’d want to know how it feels from the guy’s perspective. I would also flick myself in the nuts to see really how painful that is, and I would spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a full length mirror helicoptering my wiener around. I would also do the Wild Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

Reddit user DreyaNova said: I just wanna walk around knocking stuff off tables with my schlong; I might even get a bunch of plastic Dinosaurs and arrange them into a peaceful scene before re-creating the extinction with my dick.

Reddit user Lil_Sister said: I’d spend all day getting boners and pressing them up against my boyfriend at awkward moments.

Reddit user Portarossa said: Assuming it was decently sized? I’d take photos of it. So many photos. Fun photos. Artistic photos. Moody photos. Black and white, full colour, you name it. I’d take photos of my new dick in a range of fancy hats, for a variety of festive occasions. I’d build up the most impressive portfolio I could possibly produce in 24 hours. Then whenever I got an unsolicited dick pic in the future, I’d just send a better one back in response.

Reddit user Sacastucandalone said: Ride a bike. I just don’t understand where it all goes.

To top it off, Reddit user Bustyturtlelover said: I want to test the limits of the penis. How stretchy can I make it flaccid, how bendy is it while flaccid and erect. Can I do anything particular with it, such as mentally move it? Can I make it erect just by concentrating on it? Could I reach down and suck it? How different does it feel when touching it with either of my hands? How sensitive is it actually? And how uncomfortable is it to have the penis tucked in pants? Does it get uncomfortable once an erection happens underclothes?

In a nutshell they pretty much wanted to know the stuff I thought they would want to know. Someone needs to do a reverse Kaitlyn Jenner and make it happen!