Yikes! Lil Kim Reportedly Loses New Jersey Mansion To Foreclosure

Dinner Honoring Missy Elliot  Lil KimDinner Honoring Missy Elliot  Lil Kim

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Lil Kim, the queen bee, is going through some financial difficulties these days.

According to Bossip, a New Jersey judge recently ordered Kim’s home’s in foreclosure after the rapper abruptly stopped fighting her bank’s lawsuit against her. Back in 2010, HSBC Bank sued the mom of one, claiming that she stopped paying the nearly $10,000 a month mortgage on her palatial Alpine, New Jersey estate the year before.

HSBC says she made a deal with them in 2002 for a $1.5 million mortgage for her mansion, and promised to make the $9,935 a month payments. However, Kim stopped paying altogether in 2009, and the bank wants her out and wants the home sold at a sheriff’s sale. Court docs show that as of January 2017,  Kim owes the bank a total of $1,929,358.88 on the mortgage, including interest and taxes.

The news comes as a shock to many, seeing as though the rap queen made big bucks from the Bad Boy Reunion Tour last year. But this isn’t the rapper’s only money drama. In 2015, the IRS hit her with a tax lien for $126,805.

On the bright side, Lil Kim is releasing new music and collaborating with artists like Missy Elliot — so hopefully that will raise her cash flow.



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