You Can Now Purchase Conor McGregor’s "F*ck You" Pinstripe Suit for a Fraction of the Price

If you didn’t catch the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press tour, you missed out on McGregor’s hilarious subtle dig at Mayweather during the stop in Los Angeles. The eccentric UFC Lightweight Champion wore a custom three-piece suit, and though at first glance the pinstripes seemed to be of normal design, it’s not without a closer look that the words “F*ck You” can be seen repeated throughout. Of course after that night, many fans and fashion lovers wanted to get their hands on the custom three-piece suit designed by David August.

Though August’s creation comes with a hefty price tag of $6,500 USD, fans can now purchase a knock off for a fraction of the price, with the jacket coming in at $400 USD and pants at $300 USD. With the custom-made David August suit taking between 12-15 weeks to finish, the knock off will arrive just in time for you to watch the super fight in style. Head over to to purchase. A wallet and tie are also available for add-on accessories.