You Only Need 5 Seconds To Win People’s Hearts With This Genius Hack

Making conversations with people is something that we do every day. Whether they are with old friends or new acquaintances, every relationship starts with a conversation. Some people are used to routinely asking people that they bump into, “How are you?” But do not really stop to wait for a response. Doing that shows insincerity which will not win people’s hearts.

How do you make sure that you are sincere in listening to the other person that you are talking to? Follow the tips below to start a or keep a great relationship through a conversation:

If you ask someone, “What did you eat last night?”
“I had tuna last night.”
You should say, “That is great that you had tuna!”

If you ask someone, “What do you do for work?”
“I am a carpenter.”
You should say, “Oh nice! You are a carpenter. I had to call a carpenter yesterday to fix something in our house!”

By repeating and reaffirming their exact answers, it makes them feel like you were sincere in asking them the question and that you listened to them. This trick will make you win friends. Try it next time!

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